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this is hamid sadjad,physician,37, from iran.I have set up a  medical site  www.iransalamat.com
which talks about all medical aspects.salamat means "health" in farsi (our language).maybe someday i establish an english section on this site.now there is a  medical forum 
 that has been activated.. but gradually I  will active other sections such as: news,articles,newsletters,links,..in the future.I have planned to create at least 20 sections so that everyone has access to them individually.
 hopefully in about 5 years,the sections will  be 50. i always visit  www.webmd.com and believe it is one of the best sites on the  internet.it has many
 usefull services. its rank at www.alexa.com is 600th and mine is 98000 at present.I have learnt many things from the www.webmd.com and also  from www.ibsgroup.org .I  am hoping to
set up many new services such as recommending medical books(maybe selling them online),
voice chat,medical news and photos,searching doctors,all medical centers.
but here.. I would like to talk about not only medical subjects,but also other subjects such as my country, my town,or even my family. I am single,and my interests are watching tv and good films,listening to music
especially pop,...at present i work in an private office
and i am studying for my specialty test and moderating my site and my forum.

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